Tacy jesteśmy

  (2016)  serial

This Is Us

2017-01-25 10:23:42
45 min.
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - FilmPL
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - FilmPL
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - FilmPL
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - FilmPL
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1 - 
Randall finds his biological father; Kevin falls into a personal crisis; Kate finds herself at a low point; Rebecca goes ...(Opis Odcinka)
20 wrzesień 2016
9 PM
2 - 
The Big Three
Rebecca and Jack suffer the stresses of raising a family; Beth takes action to see if William is using drugs ...(Opis Odcinka)
27 wrzesień 2016
9 PM
3 - 
Rebecca makes a surprise visit; Kevin decides to move to New York; Toby prepares a special day to get Kate ...(Opis Odcinka)
11 październik 2016
9 PM
4 - 
The Pool
Jake and Rebecca take their kids to the community pool; Kevin experiences his first NYC audition; Kate stalks Toby's ex; ...(Opis Odcinka)
18 październik 2016
9 PM
5 - 
The Game Plan
The story behind the love for the Pittsburgh Steelers is revealed; Rebecca and Jack argue about starting a family; Randall ...(Opis Odcinka)
25 październik 2016
9 PM
6 - 
Career Days
Dilemmas of opportunity and sacrifice play out in the lives of father and son; Kate gets a new job; Kevin ...(Opis Odcinka)
01 listopad 2016
9 PM
7 - 
The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World
Rebecca picks up her musical career; Kevin and Randall's feud comes to a head; Beth discovers William's secret; Toby's decision ...(Opis Odcinka)
15 listopad 2016
9 PM
8 - 
Pilgrim Rick
The unfortunate events of one terrible holiday lead to the Pearson family's Thanksgiving tradition; Kate makes a drastic decision; Kevin ...(Opis Odcinka)
22 listopad 2016
9 PM
9 - 
The Trip
The Big Three head to the family cabin for a post-Thanksgiving getaway; Jack and Rebecca struggle when nine-year-old Randall mounts ...(Opis Odcinka)
29 listopad 2016
9 PM
10 - 
Last Christmas
The Pearsons come together to support a sick Dr. K; Randall talks a co-worker off a ledge; Christmas has a ...(Opis Odcinka)
06 grudzień 2016
9 PM
11 - 
The Right Thing to Do
Kate struggles with Toby's heart attack; Jack and Rebecca learn they're having triplets; Olivia unexpectedly resurfaces, sending Kevin in a ...(Opis Odcinka)
10 styczeń 2017
9 PM
12 - 
The Big Day
A heavily pregnant Rebecca forgets Jack's birthday; Dr. K struggles with the loss of his wife; Baby Randall inadvertently saves ...(Opis Odcinka)
17 styczeń 2017
9 PM
13 - 
Three Sentences
Jack and Rebecca throw their kids three separate 10th birthdays; Randall struggles to make time for William; Kevin makes a ...(Opis Odcinka)
24 styczeń 2017
9 PM
14 - 
I Call Marriage
31 styczeń 2017
9 PM
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